musings, thoughts, run-on sentences…

Puppy-Wrasslin… (Nov 20 2018)

nobody talks about this shit… (Nov 13 2018)

Meetings… about Art and Culture. #really? (Nov 13 2018)

Bein About This Work (Nov 13 2018)

Shut up and play… (Nov 07 2018)

Choices?… Really!? (Nov 06 2018)

The struggle is real. Still… embrace it. (October 30 2018)

What is the Soul and Soul Initiative?  (September 25 2018)

A Love Letter to the City of Augusta (August 2015)


Augusta advocates for eating healthy gaining strength (Sep 15 2018)

Garden City Jazz holding Labor Day weekend events promoting the arts (Aug 31 2018)

5 things to do in Augusta this Labor Day weekend (Aug 27 2018)

The Artside: See collections, learn how to start your own on Augusta Art Tour (Aug 16 2018)

A CENTURY ON BROAD (Feb 14 2018)


Surprise! Pop-up parties popping up soon in Augusta (July 31 2017)

GO GIRL – KAREN L GORDON (Apr 1, 2017)

UPDATE | Army deactivating Signal Corps Band at Ft. Gordon (Sep 30 2016)

Augusta’s Star Siblings to Join Jessye Norman for Benefit Concert (Oct 03 2016)

Jazzing Up History Class (Aug 06 2018)

City of Augusta Rolls Out LIVE AFTER 5 (Jun 17 2014)

The Buzz On Biz Podcast: Par-Tee In Augusta (Mar 31 2014)


Last night’s performance in my Augusta, Georgia. Absolutely surreal. (Oct 13 2013)

Augusta’s First Lady of Jazz: Karen Gordon (Sep 1 2011)

Sonic Spotlight: Karen Gordon (Feb 26 2009)

Find 2018 Community Events here

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